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Innovating with Open Source Technologies

by kevmille last modified 2007-07-02 23:47

How does Open Source Technologies help Vietnam?

Open Source is important for Vietnam's emerging economy since it provides:

     1.  ...a Low Cost Alternative to propriety operating systems and software,
     2.  ...a Choice whether or not to register and/or license the operating system and software,

     3.  ...the Ability to modify the operating system and software to suit their needs, and
     4.  ...Security and Stability
The lower costs of open source technologies will increase ACCESS to technology for all Vietnamese, especially the young children in the far off provinces outside of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  Increased access to technology will TRANSFER this newfound knowledge to a new generation of computer users.  This new generation will provide Vietnam with their future computer programmers, IT professionals, accountants, bankers, etc., with the know-how to compete competitively in a Global World Economy.

The Saigon Linux Group will use open source technologies as an innovative tool to help increase ACCESS to technology across Vietnam in an effort to help this country integrate into the Global World Economy.

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