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Our Linux Team

by kevmille last modified 2007-08-13 03:26

Team Members of the Saigon Linux Group.

Kevin Miller, Jr. - Saigon Linux GroupKevin Miller, Jr., is the Managing Director and Founder of the Saigon Linux Group, a Linux-based IT company he officially formed in April, 2007. He is primarily responsible for the administration and management of the Saigon Linux Group during the company's initial set-up phase.

Residing in Vietnam since 2004, Kevin has served as IT Director for an international school in HCMC, taught Sociology and U.S. History with the Center for International Education (VNU-HCM), and taught English at SEAMEO RETRAC and SaigonTech. He also served as a consultant for Indochina Capital in 2006-2007.

Kevin received a Master's in Public Affairs, with an emphasis in implementing internet technologies in the government (public) and not-for-profit (NGO) sectors, from Indiana University (Bloomington) in 2003. Prior to his graduate work, Kevin served as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer in Kazakhstan (1997-1999) and Program Recruiter with the American Councils for International Education (ACTR/ACCELS) in the Kyrgyz Republic (1999). He earned his BA in American Ethnic Studies and BA in Sociology from the University of Washington (Seattle) in 1996.  Kevin is also an avid web developer with a background in (X)HTML, CSS, Perl/CGI, PHP and MySQL.

Kevin has been a Linux user since 2003 when he was introduced to Red Hat Linux at Indiana University (Bloomington). He has experience with the following Linux distributions: Gentoo, Kubuntu and openSUSE, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED).  Prior to Linux, Kevin was a long time Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga user (1982-1996).

Anthony Fernandes - Saigon Linux GroupAnthony Fernandes is the IT Director for the Saigon Linux Group, which he joined in May, 2007.

Anthony has resided in Vietnam since 2003 and is currently working as the IT Manager for GHP Far East, Ltd., a German company that focuses on IT and BPO services as well as providing Data Entry and Software Development services, to a worldwide market. He helped GHP Far East convert almost all their Windows systems to Linux and joined Novell, Inc., as a Solutions Provider. He will obtain a Linux Specialist Certification from Novell by the end of this summer.

Anthony received a BS in Physics from Goa University (India) and a Higher Diploma in Software Engineering from Aptech Computer Education. Prior to Vietnam, Anthony worked for the CEEMEA (Central Eastern Europe Middle East Africa) Data Center of Citibank, managing 17 countries and 45 high end UNIX servers - from HP's K class and N class servers to Sun's Enterprise 4500 series. Before he arrived in Vietnam, he was the senior techie at Dell, Inc.'s, computer and networking support center.

Anthony took up Linux in his spare moments and is now managing his current company GHP Far East starting from 25 Desktop Linux systems to 150 desktop systems all on Linux - not including the servers, and, the numbers are growing as the customer base of GHP Far East expands.  Anthony is a current user of SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and FreeBSD with experience using Xensource.

Patrick Kennedy - Saigon Linux GroupPatrick Kennedy joined the Saigon Linux Group in April, 2007, and will serve as NGO and Development Advisor for the Saigon Linux Group.

He will arrive in Ho Chi Minh City in late August, 2007, to serve in the US Consulate’s IT section with the US Foreign Service as an Information Management Specialist. Prior to arriving in Vietnam, Patrick served with the US Embassy in Ulaan Bator, and his first overseas tour was in Saudi Arabia.

Patrick earned a BA in Political Science from the University of Hawaii, and he later earned an Associate in Science in Information Technology from Kapiolani Community College. His network administration experience began with Novell Netware 3.11, and he is a skilled web programmer, including extensive background in HTML, PHP, Flash, Java, and XML.

Patrick’s early experience with Linux included DNS, routing, and Samba services for a travel agency in Honolulu - and he has dabbled with Linux ever since. He now plans to use openSUSE Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop when he arrives in Vietnam. His presence in Vietnam should help boost the Linux and Open Source Movement, especially at the local level.

Vinh Nguyen - Software Development Consultant for the Saigon Linux GroupVinh Nguyen will serve as the Software Development Advisor for the Saigon Linux Group. He met Kevin Miller, Jr., in 2004 and together they created the original Saigon Linux User Group (SaigonLUG). Eventually they parted from SaigonLUG and began to focus on Linux projects that could benefit schools and universities as part of the Saigon Linux Group.

Vinh currently works for FPT Information System, Ltd., as a Software Developer.  In August, 2007, Vinh will transfer to the Telecom Centre component of FPT where he will serve as a consultant for the telecom sector. 

He is graduate from Hung Vuong University.

Vinh has used Linux since 2003. He translated Red Hat Linux into Vietnamese as part of his university IT project.  He is an avid Linux user and currently prefers Ubuntu Linux.

Vinh has a deep interest into helping develop and promote Linux and Open Source Software in Vietnam. He and Kevin both share a deep interesting in promoting open source GIS in Vietnam as well.

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